E-Cigarette Manufacturer Insurance Burbank, CA, Toluca Lake, CA and North Hollywood, CA

Insurance for Manufacturers and Distributors of E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

Commercial Liability Coverage for California Vape Manufacturers

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are still a relatively new technology, and the business of manufacturing them is rife with exposures, some of which are still unknown. From the device to the battery to the liquids and flavorings, almost piece is complex and interchangeable.

As a producer of ENDS, you play a large role in growing industry. Don’t let the risk of a lawsuit threaten that position or steer you away from taking a chance on innovation. Instead, let our associates at Roman Empire Insurance Agency build a policy tailored to your e-cigarette manufacturing or distribution operation so you can continue your work with confidence and security.

Producers of ENDS Face Unique Risks

You know as well as anyone how new e-cigarette technology is. As such, the laws surrounding the vape industry, its products, and everyone in the supply chain are still changing regularly. Being a critical player also makes you a potential target for litigation the event that something goes wrong with a vaping device or any of its components.

You absolutely need an agency that understands your business risks and can provide you with coverage specific to your industry. The Roman Empire staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to craft a robust plan that you can afford. Not only that, we also dedicate ourselves to keeping up with changes in state and federal legislation, ensuring that you remain compliant through them all.

Perhaps most importantly, our vape producer policies have no health hazard exclusions, meaning you’re financially protected in the event that someone sustains a personal injury or experiences another medical issue from using one of your devices.

The plans we write also include coverage for:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Excess liability
  • Product liability
  • Inventory & personal property
  • And more…

Keep Yourself and Your Customers Safe

Contact Roman Empire Insurance Agency today so that you can continue to grow alongside the trade to which you’ve dedicated yourself. We shop multiple carriers to find you the right coverage options at the right rates. We’ll do our best for you so that you can keep doing your best for your consumers.