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Commercial Auto Insurance Information

Truck insurance cost

Your rate will depend on various factors, including:

  • USDOT authority
  • Coverage requirements
  • Vehicle type
  • Cargo
  • Operating Radius
  • Driving history

Specialized commercial service

Discounts and other ways to save

You can save on your truck insurance quote through a combination of special discounts and other ways to save. Here are just a few:

  • Business Experience Discount – If your business has been up and running for more than three years, you’re eligible a discount.
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Discount – For-hire truckers can easily save on their insurance by having a CDL.
  • Logging device – Truckers using an electronic logging device (ELD) have the opportunity to save on their commercial truck policy by allowing companies to access their driving data.
  • Bundeling your General Liability or Worker’s Compensation with us saves you a lot of money.

Common questions

Who is insured under a commercial truck insurance policy?

The people covered under a commercial truck insurance policy can vary and are specified in the policy. Any employees that drive your trucks (in addition to yourself) are known as “permissive users,” and must be listed on your policy.

After I start a policy, how long does it take to get my filings issued?

Filings are usually completed within 48 hours of the request.

Does truck insurance cover personal use?

It depends. Coverage for the “personal use” of a commercial truck depends on whether the driver is operating under their own authority or they’re leased to a motor carrier. If they’re operating under their own authority, they’re covered for all personal use under their policy. If they’re leased to a motor carrier, they’re usually covered for business use only, but they could get Non-Trucking Liability insurance to cover their personal use.

Our agents are committed to helping you build the plan that won’t sacrifice coverage just to get you an affordable price. We work with numerous industry-leading carriers, and they all offer competitively priced plans that are still customizable to the consumer’s needs.

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