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Common Workers’ Compensation Insurance Information

What is Workers’ Compensation?

There are times when someone might get hurt on the job. They might fall in a hallway, injure themselves on machinery or even face chronic illnesses or disabilities from working conditions.

These serious health issues might force the injured person off the job, cost them a lot of money and impact their ability to receive a paycheck. As a result, they might face significant income loss which might make their future seem very insecure.

Workers’ compensation insurance eliminates that risk for the injured employee. They can file a claim for income support through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. The policy will create a pathway for the employee to verify their injury, support their claim and receive income support for a qualifying period.

How Does Workers Compensation Insurance Work?

It is the employer who must buy workers’ compensation insurance. However, employees are the beneficiaries. Plans make it much easier for both parties to manage the ramifications of workplace injuries. Generally, policies include three benefits:

  • Medical Benefits: These payments will cover the costs of necessary medical care related to injuries and illnesses.
  • Income Assistance: If you lose your regular paycheck because of a qualifying injury, then this coverage can help replace it. Depending on your circumstances, you might qualify for short-term, long-term or lifetime benefits. Some plans will continue to pay benefits if you can return to work, but only at a lower pay grade due to your injury.
  • Death Benefits: Should an employee get injured on the job and die, then their survivors might be entitled to a death benefit. It will replace the deceased’s income for a designated time.

What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

Like most states, California law defines the types of injuries that qualify for workers’ comp. Other regulations outline how much pay the injured person receives, and how long they can claim benefits.

Some of the injuries that qualify someone for workers’ compensation are:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries, burns, head injuries or other harm sustained as a result of your work.
  • Repetitive motion injuries sustained over years of repeating the same activity.
  • Injuries caused by machinery.
  • Toxic exposure injuries that arise from working in hazardous environments.
  • Injuries sustained in work-related vehicle accidents.
  • Certain psychiatric injuries.

Plus, having these benefits helps the employer, too. By agreeing to take workers’ compensation, an employee also gives up their ability to sue the employer for their injury, except for in very limited circumstances. By having this plan, you can save yourself the risk of costly litigation.

What Businesses Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

California requires nearly all businesses operating in its borders to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with few exceptions.

  • Even if you have only one employee, you must buy this plan.
  • Both full-time and part-time employees qualify for benefits.
  • Businesses headquartered outside California, but employing workers in California, must carry workers’ compensation insurance that complies with California law.

Policyholders will have to meet certain workplace compliance standards and implement proper risk management in the business. A failure to carry coverage could result in penalties for employers.

You can trust Roman Empire’s dedicated commercial insurance agents to help you design your plan, manage your benefits and assist with claims.

The California Division of Workers’ Compensation is also available to assist employers and employees with disputes and other questions arising from a workers’ compensation claim.

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